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i thought i said fuck alot more than that   
12:44pm 01/12/2005
apathy_prime's Word Usage
1. the (104) 26. fuck (16) 51. know (8) 76. want (5)
2. i (77) 27. was (16) 52. these (8) 77. back (5)
3. a (74) 28. then (15) 53. no (7) 78. yo (5)
4. you (57) 29. im (15) 54. have (7) 79. till (5)
5. to (49) 30. but (14) 55. ain't (7) 80. hit (5)
6. and (46) 31. all (13) 56. don't (7) 81. put (5)
7. in (39) 32. black (13) 57. had (7) 82. why (5)
8. me (36) 33. your (13) 58. do (7) 83. at (5)
9. on (32) 34. with (13) 59. now (7) 84. them (5)
10. it (31) 35. like (13) 60. his (7) 85. or (4)
11. my (26) 36. be (12) 61. by (6) 86. bring (4)
12. of (26) 37. ya (12) 62. thug (6) 87. would (4)
13. got (26) 38. what (11) 63. blue (6) 88. bail (4)
14. that (24) 39. niggas (11) 64. we (6) 89. call (4)
15. get (24) 40. some (11) 65. than (6) 90. mask (4)
16. shit (22) 41. man (11) 66. love (6) 91. talk (4)
17. up (22) 42. he (10) 67. wanna (6) 92. little (4)
18. is (22) 43. bitch (10) 68. her (6) 93. about (4)
19. they (20) 44. down (10) 69. still (6) 94. dead (4)
20. for (20) 45. as (10) 70. gotta (6) 95. dont (4)
21. nigga (20) 46. cause (10) 71. how (6) 96. cuz (4)
22. this (19) 47. 2 (9) 72. bitches (5) 97. are (4)
23. out (18) 48. just (9) 73. even (5) 98. long (4)
24. i'm (17) 49. so (9) 74. need (5) 99. tha (4)
25. if (17) 50. when (9) 75. streets (5) 100. piece (4)
Word Count by Hutta.

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01:20pm 21/11/2005
  Yea nig lookin to sell these bad boys. 2 12s
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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03:04pm 14/11/2005
  Who the fuck u think taught you to smoke trees
Gee ohh double d
For my sins i repent i give up killin once a year for lent

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You know how i do it when i do it   
05:48pm 24/10/2005
mood: Swisher XL
My head is aching im dedicated to medication but this meds takin to long to bring me to sededation

I aint buzzed im just high on life
so why on earth would i need drugs when i fly on kites

Became a role model after colarodo
Now all they do is follow me around and holla BRAVO

Hell yea i punch my bitch
And beat my kids in public
Suck my dick

Im sick enuf to fuck a man in his face
But i wont cuz you prolly wanna stand in his place

So put a sock in it with ya fake ass tupac image
you faggots aint tuff you just get drunk then become talkitive

Ill have a man duct taped raped and shove his head into a fan blade

Runnin up and down the streets screamin FUCK tha police
while you still had your mothers fuckin nipple stuck in ya teeth

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01:15pm 28/09/2005
  Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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04:12pm 27/09/2005


been outta work for like 2 weeks and nowhere in this bitch is hiring.

help a brother out if you know anywhere

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Juice got weed Juice got pills   
07:03pm 26/09/2005
mood: blunted
Wearin a mink coat as furry as chewbaca
I saw yo main gal and a playa had to stop her
her name wasnt silkk but her face was the shoker

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12:42pm 29/08/2005
  Im the realest nigga in it ya already know
got trapper of the year 4 times in a row

What they give ya

a lifetime supply of bakin soda and clientel
a role watch 2 pots and 3 scales

can get about 50 in the humma
the birds fly down south to georgia for tha summa

money hoes cars cloths
coke prices up and down like 64s

a big shootout on the highway
jeezy hangin out the coupe lettin it ride sideways

a straight g nigga dont temp me
ill enty the whole clip till the shit empty

big stacks yea i got that
thats why i cop that cris by the 6 pack

got the fed lines ringin like a telethon
snitches want me locked up like akon

what it do what the bussiness is
word on the street jeezy known to handle his

Bitch get ya mind right
Lemme talk to em

jimmy crack corn and jeezy flip os
i just stick to the script ya'll niggas hoes

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thats my nigga jeezy   
01:22pm 26/08/2005
  Last time i checked i was the man on these streets
they call me residue i leave blow on these beats
got diareha flow man i shit on niggas
even when im constipated i still shit on niggas

got some super friends in the legion of doom
stay blowin purple shit that keep me high like the moon

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01:03pm 23/08/2005
  i got 3 mtx 10s in a box for sale if you know any1 that needs some subs holla at me 9443958

last time i checked i was the man on these streets
they call me residue i leave blow on these beats
got diahrea flow
man i shit on niggas
even when im constipated i still shit on niggas

Got some super friends in the legion of doom
stay purple shit that keep me high like the moon

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Yea nigga   
01:11pm 19/07/2005
  Image hosted by Photobucket.com

credit some kid from some community i just found.thats shits tight

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12:29pm 19/07/2005
mood: free my niggas
I make tires burn
like nigggas and cancer stiks fulla sherm
I let lose bombs bustin
slugs rushin in yo dome
you had a strap, well shouldnt have left it home
whoda thunk the thump from my trunk
was no other than the burna
Dont know . betta be a quik lerna
Im stern when i hit this beat
still with enuf energy to get you out ya seat
dont think im not packin the heat tho
all i blow is gans and dro smoke
my niggas all cruisin in 64's
off the top of dome dont frown
im the man in this town , i get around
you need em i got them pounds
just listen for them sounds not stock
im that nigga beatin down ya fucking block

kinda hard to get your point across when you cant enuciate the words yourself.but you mother fucks get the point

credit biggy for lines 3 4 and 5 cuz i thought it sounded tight there.

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02:42pm 28/06/2005
mood: blunted
What the fuss about
Is it cause a nigga got dough
What the cuss about is it cause a nigga got hoes
Hate to be the one to tell ya that a player got your honey
Got her working in up here
Niggaz taking all her money
In the back of a black Cadillac suckin jack
Lickin jill with them X pills trying to clean our cataracts
Sitting in the front like a mack smoking sacks
This is real smoking laden kill playing the game of pass it back
If I buy a brand new car haters get mad
If I put some shoes on that bitch haters get sad
If I get the brains blown out then they crying
TV's and some bump off in the rear then they dying
I close alot of doors
I pimp alot of whores
I fuck your main gal and shes down on all four
Im straight from the North
Im down to the core
It's in my fucking veins and it sweating out my pores

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All i blo is dro smoke   
12:35pm 30/04/2005
mood: blunts
Well i got a nice little shitty amp. It's tight for how many watts it is but that shit ain't pounding like i want it to.

So if anyone comes across a pretty decent 600 watt amp call a nigga up 944 3958
or leave a comment here or some shit

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Halo 2   
05:26pm 05/01/2005
  Who plays halo 2?

Longbone thug


Hit me with a friend invite if you wish to get trounced or trounce with me.

I'll flip you
Stick you
Then lift you
then bring you down to the floor
mash yo teeth harder than tha cops kickin in my back door
sorry its just teh hydro i blo
you gotta pay
but fuck it send that shit my way

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05:21pm 05/01/2005
  What up bitches.

Who plays halo 2?

Longbone thug


feel free to send me a friend invite if you wish to trounce or get trounced on biatches.

I'll flip you
stick you
then lift you
then bring you down to the floor
mash your teeth,harder than tha coppas kickin down my door
sorry its just teh hydro i blo
gotta pay
but fuck it send that shit my way

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12:12am 22/12/2004
mood: Blitzed
Im stuck in jail the DA's tryin' to burn me
I'd be out on bail if I had a good attorney
Wanna label me a criminal and cuff me up
Got a pocket full of money so they rough me up
I ain't trippin' in the county and I'm mad as fuck
Got a record so they put me with the baddest bunch
Everybody wanna talk cause I'm rappin'
They askin' me what happened
Is it true you did a flick with Janet Jackson
I can't sleep they takin' polaroids
And I'm tryna to use the phone but they makin' noise
Man I wish I had my glock cause its major
I'm makin' shanks out the plastics in razors
These motherfuckers won't leave me alone thats my word
Bout to turn a violation to a motherfuckin' murder
I'm makin' collect calls to my old bitches
Send mo' pictures and make me some more riches
To all the suckers on the block talkin' shit while I was locked up
Be prepared to get socked up
Cause the game is deep and the fame is brief
And you bullshittin' bitches ain't changin' me
I came straight up out the gutter I was saved from hell
I'm a thug I was raised in jail
Now I'm out on bail

Stuck in jail and mad as a bitch
I'd be out on bail if it wasn't for the snitch
Runnin' wild thru the streets like I'm loco
And fuck the punk police and they chokeholds
I got no love in my heart cause I'm heartless
Mobbin' in the park after dark wanna start shit
Rippin' up the scene as a teen I was at it (but hey)
And sellin' products to the addicts cause they gotta have it
I was a well-known thug and I gotta lotta love
Hangin out with the OG's shootin' up the clubs
And mama told me don't hang with the homies
But they got me if they need me then it's on G
Got me sittin' in the cell a five by seven
Will I finally get to go to ghetto heaven
Got my bitches on the outside writin' me letters
And they tell me they love me and the shit ull get better
I don't believe her cause I just got the news on the wire
Take it how you want it but your bitch is on fire
I gotta be a player so I stay strong
cause I know that I won't be away long
and when I finally do hit the fuckin' streets I'ma handle this
A thug nigga gettin' scandalous
I'm on bail

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01:15pm 29/11/2004
mood: bored
blunts are love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

So i had to do it. Results=lol

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12:10pm 19/11/2004
mood: Not high yet

R.I.P. nig.

That's the man right there and you all need to pay your respesct.

Courtesy of the news nig.

(O.D.B., whose legal name was Russell Jones, complained of chest pains before collapsing Saturday at the Manhattan studio. He was dead by the time paramedics reached him, said Gabe Tesoriero, a spokesman for Roc-a-Fella records.

The cause of death was not immediately clear, but O.D.B. had recently finished a prison sentence for drug possession and escaping a rehab clinic. He would have turned 36 on Monday.)

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09:09am 04/11/2004
Bush is the fucking man. I love it. Pussies all shouting about how he is a bad man starting a war and such. BOMB THE FUCK OUTTA THEM. I voted for him and you all should have. He is defineatly better than lurch as a predident. So now im bout to go have my bush victory party with my boys. So fuck kerry nader and you if you you didn't vote for bush.
now some wyte for your reading pleasure.

No more fuckin' around by now I'm fed up

I see your face has a frown - gotta keep your head up

Cuz when you fuck wit this camp - let's say you messed up

They told you in the beginning - don't try ta test us

The day Lil' Wyte hooked up with the 6 - the shit was all she wrote

Y'kno these lyrics be burnin - blisters deep in my throat

This shit be hotter than lava laying a hault in yo saga

Adding some Pippen ta bitches game that be weaker than water

This is the start of a problem thats lackin' a solution

You graduated with honors - ta sell out institution

And this for all the rappers that got kicked up out this camp

I stole your plate went back fa seconds - How U Luvin That

This is my mothafuckin' posee song - Wheres your own

Instead of gettin up out yo shit - you stayed ya ass at home

Potential lurking fa certain - I know you feelin it hurt

If they knew bitchin came wit ya - you coulda kept ya verse

Bitch doubt me now

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